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A map that allows the public to review all resolutions addressing systemic and structural racism at all levels of government – local, state, and federal.

*Note:  Go to the Brown Grove project tab for more information.

RASR is providing support and guidance to the Brown Grove preservation effort by identifying appropriate avenues to pursue advocacy and action that will mitigate both the current and potential future racial equity and justice impacts.  The lack of suitable assessment of the impact of such a large scale project on an historically African American community’s relevant history is a stark reminder that this keeps happening over and over.  We ask the State to establish a Racial Equity Impact Assessment process to use with any State project or policy change to ensure relevant impacts are identified early in the process.  These three actions will help preserve and respect the history and culture of the Brown Grove community right now, and provide the appropriate recognition of the importance of African American history to our state and nation.



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